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    Sorry Folks!!

    Hey Dori Fans!!
    Sorry for the negligence on here! 
    Im a full time student @ Uni as well it summer time! busy busy busy with CSCS events building the Dori corp drift car and much much more! Look for update on July 1st for FD updates and other more local Ontario updates!!! Sorry again guys for not having real time updates but ill have some good in depth articles coming up soon !!

    Keep it classy drift world!

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    Formula D - Yaer Video - Long Beach 2013

    Couple more day till round two!!! Ya’ll ready ? Need something to get you through till then? Dori © got you what you need, a ride a long with 2011 Champion Dai Yoshihara from round one produced by Yaer! Enjoy!!!

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    A Useless Art (2013) Marin Guilbault 

    This one blew me away! Featuring our very own young buck driver Marin from southern Ontario, whose been killing it ever since he hit the track. His camp of supporters came out with this short documentary about his and all of our love for drifting.

    The film is made by a local Toronto York University student Kirill Melamed, he follows Marin in his season of drifting in CSCS (Canadian Sport Compact Series), Open Drift days and as well interview’s family and Marin himself on how drifting became such a big part of their life.

    Please, take the time out check and share this video. This video personally really defines what grass root drifitng is all about. All of us in the Toronto area are so proud to see Marin and his supporters doing big things for drifting! Dori Corp salutes you sir! keep up the tire shredding !!!

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    Michael Essa is another one of my many  favourite drivers to follow, his exuberant and stylish driving style always makes for a good show. Driving the GSR Autosport M3 Drift Machine in Formula D, he qualified 3rd at Long Beach and placed 9th overall. 
    Video once again brought to you by Mark Lenardon

    For further indepth detail of Essa check out Formula D driver page!

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    King Of Europe: Round One

    Monster Energy’s King of Europe Series was in Austria earlier this week with round one of competition. In conjunction with DOTZ Tuning Wheels they bring to us an exclusive run down of their event! 

    King of Europe is another front runner in the mission to grow the sport of drifting, having drivers from 17 countries around Europe competing. Featuring some of the world’s best European manufactured drifting machines!

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    I love this new car, 2JZ powered monster!!! enjoy his walk around his new formula d drift car.

    For a look at Ryan Tuerk’s wall hit during practise here:

    he came out 5th overall despite the love tap~

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    the boys would like to introduce the roster with clips from Long Beach round one 2013!!

    For more of Hoonigan action check out their youtube channel!!

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